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Summer Treat

I love mangos with sticky rice, so I was trying for a similar flavor with this ice cream, rather than going for a traditional fruit flavored ice cream.

Mango Ice Cream

I chilled a can (13.5 oz) of unsweetened coconut milk. I used the Asian Taste brand (from Walong Marketing) this time, but mainly I am not brand loyal, I just don't like the ones that have added thickeners.

I bought a two pound package of already sliced fresh mangos, because that is what I was looking at when I thought, "Oh, I bet mangos would make a tasty ice cream." Also because already peeled and sliced meant a lot less work and mess for me.

I put the coconut milk, into a blender with 3 of the smaller slices of mango. I wanted just a touch of the mango flavor added. I blended until smooth. I then added 1 1/4 cups of heavy whipping cream and 8 drops of liquid Splenda (equal to about 1/3 cup of sugar, maybe a touch less) and a pinch of salt. I blended and tasted, added another pinch of salt, blended and added a third pinch of salt followed by another whirl. It tasted right to me at that point, so I got the ice cream maker set up and going, and poured in the mixture.

It became immediately obvious that the coconut milk froze much faster than most other things I toss into the ice cream maker. I had set the timer to 5 minutes to remind myself to check the progress so I could determine the right time to start tossing in mango chunks, but I never ended up walking away. The ice cream maker was having a difficult time making the ice cream because the paddle isn't designed quite large enough to do as good of a job scraping off the sides as I would like, and with it freezing more quickly than normal the machine was stuttering almost from the start. After 3 minutes I knew I needed to start tossing mango chunks in hoping that the extra mass would slow the freezing and improve the scraping.

I used probably just under a pound of the mangos. I cut them up into chunks and tossed them into the ice cream maker a few at a time to get them to spread evenly through the mixture.

Eventually the machine was no longer able to cope because the sides had built up too much for the paddle. I took the motor and top off and just began stirring it by hand. This was much more effective. Soon I had ice cream.

I served it up, and everyone everyone declared it good (except for one person who kept making guttural noises which sounded approving in nature, so I elected to interpret that as favorable too). They thought it reflected the flavor profile of mango with sticky rice very well.

When I do it next time, I will add a little more salt. Once it was frozen, it lost some of the brightness off the salt taste that it had when unfrozen. I wanted the salt to really pop the flavor and sweetness of the mangos.

Mango Ice Cream
Tags: coconut milk, ice cream, mango, splenda, whipping cream

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